Mysterious things happen when we act out of gratitude. Take the ELCA’s World Hunger projects in Senegal for example. Senegal Lutheran Development Services has several life-changing ministries in the rural areas of the country, which are supported by people of the ELCA giving out of gratitude. Health huts provide primary care and HIV and AIDS support services to approximately 25,000 people. Communityrun microloan programs bring together 2,000 women in small savings and lending groups. Income generating activities help to produce milk year round. These may seem to us to be small steps, but for people who live in deep poverty, these are new life giving. Giving gifts to the ELCA’s World Hunger changes lives. Pack Away Hunger’s three word description of their work is Life. Changing. Nutrition. We might think of that as some kind of fad diet. For hungry people in Guatemala, Haiti and the United States, access to nutritious food sets in motion physical, emotional, and intellectual health. Healthy living is not a fad. When we give Purdue students the opportunity to serve in Guatemala, it gives them a new perspective on their lives. A student’s life experience is often very narrow. Serving in a different culture equips them to see themselves as living a life of service. We don’t know where the Spirit will lead them. In this we are sowing seeds of gratitude in their lives. In this congregation gratitude for what God has done is a powerful force in shaping our ministry. Where does gratitude lead you?

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